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Charles Kalunda Co-Founder, Executive Director - Uganda

I experienced the life on the streets myself, after the death of my father. This is something that I don’t want any child or youth to go through. Sleeping rough, eating from garbage and forced to become a criminal are some of the tortures these children face every day. I am focused to work towards reducing the number of street children in Uganda and I will not settle until these individuals are provided with opportunities enhancing their health, education and life skills.

  My psychology degree from Oxford Brookes provided skills in understanding personality and individual differences which are attributed in various ways. This knowledge has helped me in empathizing with our children and youths and grasping the dangerous life styles and decisions they undergo on a daily basis. I am passionate about working towards the improvement of these individuals where BOLI facilitates for this providence.  

Nalwoga winniefred, Women project officer


Mariah Nambusi, Social worker


A zealous social worker is one who puts the needs and safety of the individuals before anything. I work tirelessly to impose child rights and reinforce society’s responsibilities to ensure that these children and youths become law abiding citizens while living happy and blissful lives.


Paul J Kirungi, CEO - California. Address: 14030CERISE AVE #C207, HAWTHORNE, CA


Phone: +1 818 272 9383

Roni Tamale, Director - Coordinator Atlanta Georgia 966 Avonley creek trace.


Phone: +1 678 897 7104

During practice sessions and tournament games, the children and youths become skilful and talented. It brings me great joy to see the children and youths’ talents being polished to even a professional level. I am also working towards developing sports abilities to individuals that might have the zeal to play but require much training. I love my job and the social aspect that comes with it.


Brian Ssenabulya, Football coach


Marjolein Thijssen


I came to BOLI in the summer of 2014 to do my research and volunteer for the organization. During my stay here I got really attached to the organization, the people and children. So when they asked me to take care of the volunteering part of BOLI, I didn’t have to think about this for a second. I’m living in Enschede, The Netherlands and I’m still studying biomedical engineering at the University of Twente.


Umar Mutebi


Umar Mutebi is a young talented youth who joined BOLI in 2013 holiday the month of April. He decided to join BOLI basically to help out with art work, and ensuring the smooth running of BOLI art gallery. His presence at the BOLI has seen him through and has really benefited the organization through training the children and making different kinds of art pieces which are sold, and in return the organization gains sustainable income. He was motivated to help out basically in this area, because he wanted to help young children to attain the same practical skills he has such that in future they are able to learn a living.
Umar is currently managing BOLI art gallery and at the same time trains and makes art works.

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