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Our volunteer program includes teaching Kindergarten & primary classes, assisting children with their daily tasks, administration support, fund raising, writing and other activities of your interest. We offer our volunteers comfortable accommodation and tasty local food, along with assistance and introduction to the local culture.
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Past Volunteer experience

My volunteering experience in Wakiso with Branches of life International, Uganda was exceptional! The opportunity to get to know and work with the others on the Management team was a pleasure. I was more than satisfied with all aspects of my time there. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and that goal was definitely met!EVELIINA

Uganda is a beautiful country in all aspects - the people, the landscape, and the rich culture all made our volunteering BOLI and their partner in Uganda scattered across the country.SAILA

I have stayed with the NGO Branches of Life international from 5 July 2014 until 31 of August 2014. My stay with the organization was part of the minor I did for my study biomedical engineering, Sustainable development in developing countries. During the minor they taught us how you can do research in developing countries and they wanted us to experience everything they taught us in real life and also set this into perspective.Marjolein Thijssen

Working for Branches of Life International,we have done several free HIV testing for the pupils in different schools, visited slum and done medical outreach for street kids for the past four weeks. We also offered information for kids in the school about drugs and HIV. In addition, we helped to finish the building for street kids as well. With BOLI, I really experienced much more things than what I expected before I came to Uganda. I got to know the reality from which the street kids suffer a loBetty Chen

EXPERIENCE STORY OF VOLUNTEERING WITH BRANCHES OF LIFE INTERNATIONAL 6th OF JULY 20157th OF AUGUST 2015 LISA VAN BEERS Five weeks ago, my adventure started, without too much expectation, I jumped in the plane, off to the place where I was going to have the time of my life. It was not really something for me to have almost no expectations and too much of a preparation, but afterwards I can say this was the best preparation I could have. Everything is different. Different to what am used to aLisa Van Beers



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